Black Belt Instructors


Our instructors are constantly seeking ways to improve through continuous training. We believe that we cannot inspire others without leading by example both inside and outside of the dojo.  KCA instructors receive ongoing, weekly training both in martial arts and teaching.

Our instructors are all extremely proficient in the martial arts and have demonstrated the skills and ability to safely relay those techniques to students of all ages and abilities.  While physical skills are important, they pale in comparison to the life skills that martial arts and KCA instructors have to offer.

Our instructors are trained to tailor their martial arts teaching methods to fit the individual child, teenager or adult with an emphasis on positive correction and encouragement.

Our instructors and key staff members have grown up with KCA and it adds another layer of authenticity to the values and family friendly vibe that students, families and their guests feel when they walk into our academy

Our martial arts family is committed to helping each student be the very best person that they can possibly be and our instructors play a key role in maintaining that commitment on a daily basis.

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