The diverse curriculum taught by our highly experienced instructors creates an atmosphere that allows each and every student to achieve their goals regardless of age or experience.

At Kenpō Combat Academy (KCA), we teach a system of fighting that includes striking and kicking (Karate, Kickboxing) as well as ground fighting (Jiu-Jitsu, Judo). 



KCA Youth Center offers an age-specific martial arts-based program helping children develop social, intellectual, emotional, and physical skill sets while also fostering a healthy self image.  Our program helps ensure a more successful transition into main-stream activities as your child matures such as team and individual sports, classroom behavior, and peer and sibling relationship building.  Classes are fun, educational, inspiring and safe.



The Combat Ready Beginner Course is for Adult students. This curriculum is designed and based around the core self defense techniques that EVERYBODY should know. With this program, our students will improve their overall self defense knowledge, increase movement  and receive an introduction into more advanced techniques. Students are encouraged to ask questions to improve their overall understanding of the techniques and positions.

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