Combat Ready Beginner Course


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The Combat Ready Beginner Course is designed for first time students and is based around core self defense techniques that EVERYBODY should know. This course consist of 30 lessons, 42 techniques, and is a combination of grappling (Jiu-Jiutsu) and striking (Kickboxing). Each one hour class is designed to navigate you through techniques that are broken down into fun, safe, and easy to learn pieces. We call this process  "The KCA Layering System." Within each Layer the technique is broken down even further to make each lesson easy to learn and fun to practice.  With this Course, you will improve your overall self defense knowledge, increase movement  and receive an introduction into more advanced techniques. upon completing the Combat Ready Beginner Course you will have earned your BLUE BELT and will be ready to further your study in THE MASTER SYSTEM ADVANCE COURSE. 


Layer 1: Technique Blue Print

In this layer of the technique you will focus on the basic movements and body mechanics that allow the technique to work. You'll also learn combative principles and concepts about the technique to help you further understand it's effectiveness. In this layer you will be working with a cooperative partner. Your partner will offer no resistance. This is an important step and will help you identify what it feels like to successfully do the technique. 


Layer 2: Technique Variations

In this layer you will focus on some of the issues that may occur during the technique. Your opponent may have a few options on how to react to your defense. It is important to prepare yourself by understanding what their options are and modifying your technique to counter those options.  As you practice you may ask yourself, "What if my opponent does this?" or "What if my opponent does that?" During this layer we will address some of those "what if" questions.  It is important that you are two or three moves ahead of your opponent. You will soon come to realize once you understand what's happening you will be capable of controlling and managing the situation in a much more proficient way. 

Layer 3: Tactical Development Drill

Now that you know the technique and understand some of the "what if" questions, you're ready for a few Tactical Development Drills. In this layer your partner will offer some resistance and will attack in ways that will test your reaction to the different technique variations.


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