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Our goal is to enhance our teenager's development through targeting four stages:

Classical Training: Using traditional training methods, will enable you to learn and develop proper structure, technique, and proper body mechanics.  This is the foundation of your training, it is the basics that help you gain the ability to understand the Kenpo System.

Practical Reaction: Learning application of technique will enable you to develop “real life” reaction, speed, and timing. Strategy is king by thinking two or three moves ahead of your opponent.  This is developed through sparring / grappling drills that will teach you certain aspects of fighting.  Remember, it is NOT truly a real fight as there are rules imposed to keep it safe and fun!

Tactical Mindset: Based on real life situations such as school bullying, street attacks, or any other real life altercation where one may be physically threatened.  Most of the techniques are designed for maximum control in situations where the defender may be threatened by serious harm.  

Fit to Fight: Martial arts training helps develop the body - the perfect balance of size, strength, speed, power, balance, coordination, flexibility and endurance, regardless of age.  In our Young Adults program, our teenagers learn proper warm-up & stretching exercises so that they can begin training sessions properly and develop flexibility.  They also learn to perform unique body-weight exercises so that they can develop functional fitness and core strength while getting rid of excess fat and improving your cardiovascular health.

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